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Are Your Horses and Property Protected!!!

Equine ownership provides unique legal liabilities that are NOT covered by the homeowner policy.  Many individuals incorrectly believe their homeowner's and umbrella policies cover these unique situations.  It is a shame that they will learn the truth once it's too late.

It is important that you protect your personal property, and your equine, with a company with strong equine experience as well as a strong financial background.  BUXTON Equine Insurance represents only companies that answer these requirements.

BUXTON Equine Insurance represents Equine insurance companies that have:

         More than 100 years of experience within the equine insurance industry.

         Capabilities of providing International as well as Domestic policies.

         An AM Best Companies rating of "A" (Excellent) or better.

         A claims staff that has been trained and understands how to handle unique equine situations.

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EQUINE INSURANCE  - It Is Our Full Line Not Our Side Line.



NOTE: Certain exclusions and limitations apply to equine policies and the above referenced policies and their endorsements so please refer to an individual policy for more information.  These statements are not the policy itself and are only designed to briefly describe a product.  It is important to discuss your various coverage requirements and options with your agent before buying any insurance plan.

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